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Är vita människor hjärndöda?

Posted by sverigeidag på februari 15, 2012

Last Thursday I re-posted on the main page Paul K.’s excellent response to the demand by the Duluth anti-white racism campaign that whites uncover and excise their hidden racism, in order to raise blacks to a condition of group equality with themselves.

In my introduction I said:

His comment should be spread all across this country. If whites weren’t three quarters brain-dead, it–and statements like it–would be spread all across this country:

Later in the day, I had a long conversation with a friend about my comment. He said that brain-deadness is not the main problem with whites. He gave the example of his daughter, a VFR reader who said she liked Paul K.’s comment and wanted to post it at her Facebook page, but realized that if she posted it, she might lose her part-time job at a business where she has several black co-workers.

This led to a larger question: What can whites say–publicly and under their own name–in today’s society about race, without harming their job, their career, their social standing, their expectation of a pension, and so on?

Paul K.’s comment is a perfect illustration of the problem. It is certainly un-PC, but stated in reasonable terms. It does not express hostility to blacks. It does not say anything about genetic race differences in intelligence. It speaks of common black behaviors that have, in fact, been an object of concern among respectable social scientists, liberal media, and even black leaders. I believe that it’s not Paul’s references to blacks’ negative behaviors that makes his remarks objectionable by liberal standards and dangerous to the person quoting him, but rather his argument that only blacks can alter those behaviors that make whites avoid them, which further means that the demand that whites fix blacks’ dysfunctions is impossible, and that the belief that whites are racist for failing to do so is false.

This, then, is our test case. Could white people publicly quote under their own name Paul K.’s comment without putting their job at risk?

If the answer is yes, then my ”three-quarters brain-dead” statement more or less stands.

If the answer is no, then brain-deadness is not the problem, but FEAR–rational FEAR that one cannot say such things without incurring significant damage to one’s well-being, the well-being of one’s family, and one’s prospects in life.

Also, if FEAR is the cause of whites’ silence, then that undercuts my long-held view that the conservative grass-roots of America are responsible for our plight along with the liberal elites, because, as I’ve said, the grass-roots conservatives, notwithstanding their grumbling, have not challenged the elites in a serious way but have at least passively accepted their rule.

I solicit your responses on this. Read Paul’s comment again and ask yourself these two questions: Would you be willing to post this under your own name? And, if you did post it under your own name, what would the effect be?

If, as I now expect, most people would not be willing to post it, because of the harm to themselves that they reasonably believe would result from posting it, then we have arrived at a clearer view of the nature of our society. The truth is that America–at least in respect to some of the most important issues facing us–is not a free country. The truth is that whites live under the tyranny of a false ideology that demonizes them as racists and aims at their collective harm, and that they dare not publicly oppose this ideology, even with relatively mild statements, because of the fear of more particular harms that would come to them individually for doing so.

If this is indeed the nature of our society, where do we go from here? What form can conservative resistance to liberalism take (in this supposedly right-center country–hah!), if mild but substantive dissent from the liberal orthodoxy on race cannot even be quoted?

* * * And here’s a further question suggested by the above. If you were in the position of my friend’s daughter, would you be willing tell your story publicly? Would you be willing to write at your Facebook page, ”I saw an intelligent, reasonable comment on why blacks’ problems are not whites’ fault, and I wanted to quote it, but I dared not quote it because it could result in the loss of my job.”

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  1. Vad som värre är, är att på färgade finns ingen hjärna aktiv.


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