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Slippery Newt Massacres Milquetoast Mitt – Agonizes Immigration Patriots

Posted by sverigeidag på januari 22, 2012

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s entire career has been spent cultivating the ostensible hatred of the people he is trying to serve and the very real love of the people he seeks to deceive.  Paradoxically, by earning the hatred of the Main Stream Media and the liberal (and even Establishment Conservative) elites, Gingrich has gained street credibility among grassroots conservatives. But when it comes to policies, Gingrich has been distinguished by his extraordinary ability to not only betray his base (typical of Republicans), but by his enthusiasm in actually seeking out opportunities to do it.

Unfortunately, as shown by Gingrich’s blowout victory in South Carolina, his strategy is still working.

Gingrich won South Carolina because of his image as a fighter, a combative champion for a conservative base that has been radicalized by four years of Obama and is aching for the kind of the hard-hitting campaign John McCain refused to wage.

Gingrich skillfully used the last two debates to win over these angry conservatives.  Thus on January 16th, Juan Williams asked if Newt Gingrich would concede that his comments about blacks wanting “jobs, not food stamps” and “poor kids lack[ing] a strong work ethic” were, at the least, insensitive to black Americans.  Gingrich fixed him with the expression of bemused contempt he has come to master and said: “No, I don’t see that.”

The audience, perhaps stunned that he didn’t immediately back down, erupted in cheers.  Predictably, Gingrich immediately turned the discussion about the problem of janitors’ unions leading to the downfall of the nation.

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