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Peter Brimelow: That South Carolina GOP Debate and America’s Immigration Disaster

Posted by sverigeidag på januari 21, 2012

Unfortunately, it may well turn out that January 19th’s South Carolina debate was the last time the issue of patriotic immigration reform might have been put into play in the 2012 cycle’s GOP Primaries. So let’s take stock:

  • Illegal immigration has unquestionably established itself as a powerful negative force—all the contenders are now terrified of seeming soft on it. But they are also fairly clueless about what to do about it, and even how to use it as a political weapon.
  • Cutting legal immigration remains totally absent.’s opinion: this is an enormous reproach to all of us in the patriotic immigration reform movement—but especially, I must say, to the Beltway part of the movement and its Politically Correct softly-softly lobbying tactics. The professional politicians have taken no notice of them whatever. The only progress that has been made is when inflamed grassroots activists have cornered the politicians on the campaign trail.

It’s all been intensely frustrating. A recent Gallup poll showed immigration the third-highest concern among voters (and the others have immigration dimensions). [Americans‘ Immigration Concerns Linger – Gallup, January 17, 2009] A majority of Republicans (and a substantial minority of Democrats) say they want immigration cut. One spark could start a conflagration. It may still be struck. But I continue to think that America’s post-1965 immigration disaster can no longer be redressed within the current party system.

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