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GOP: Voters Reject Pro-Illegal Alien Candidates

Posted by sverigeidag på januari 13, 2012

In the first two contests of the Republican nomination battle, the two candidates who talk tough on immigration have taken the lead, and the campaigns of those who favor amnesty and taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens are floundering.

Mitt Romney, who has won 34.4% of the votes cast so far in Iowa and New Hampshire has talked tough on immigration, although many question the sincerity of his beliefs. Additionally, many point to his ‘Romneycare’ law in Massachusetts, which amongst other things gave taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens, and a court ruling recently determined that newly arrived legal immigrants were also eligible for benefits under the law. Yet, to voters preoccupied with jobs and families who rely on soundbites from debates, Romney sounds tough on immigration.

Ron Paul, who with the departure of Michele Bachmann is now the best candidate on immigration, has run a strong second, winning 22.4% of the votes cast so far despite relentless attacks from both the left and ‘conservative’ elites. Ron Paul is the only candidate remaining in the race who opposes automatic birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens, and also opposes any taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens.

Rick Perry, whose record as an enemy of national sovereignty we exposed back when he became the frontrunner in the race, has only collected 3.9% of the votes cast so far, despite collecting the second most amounts of money and Congressional endorsements. In New Hampshire, his vote total was close to that of a man named Vermin Supreme who wears a boot on his head. While banking on a strong showing in southern states to revive his campaign, his poll numbers there have dropped to the low single digits. Rick Perry’s downward spiral began when he defended his record of giving in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens and called opponents of the subsidies “heartless”.

Newt Gingrich, another one-time frontrunner, is in 5th place with 10.7% of votes cast so far, and has lost the lead in South Carolina and Florida. Gingrich voted for the 1986 amnesty, which he still defends, and has proposed a program which would result in amnesty for many of the illegal aliens currently living in America.

Rick Santorum achieved a strong showing in Iowa by escaping the scrutiny given to other candidates. He has since come under more scrutiny, for example Ann Coulter pointing out that “if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win a general election in America.” His record of voting to give welfare benefits to illegal aliens while opposing funding to hire additional border agents, amongst a myriad of other policies generally identified with the left has also come under examination. After voters took a closer look at Santorum’s record, he finished distant 4th in New Hampshire.

Immigration proponent Jon Huntsman achieved a third place showing in New Hampshire by spending far more time campaigning in the state than any other candidate, but his campaign does not seem to have gained any momentum from this, and he polls in the low single digits in South Carolina and Florida.

Two other candidates, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, have exited the race despite voters generally agreeing with them on the issues, including their strong positions on immigration and border security. Michele Bachmann’s campaign suffered from timing and organizational problems, losing momentum to Rick Perry after her victory in the Iowa Straw poll, which she never regained. Herman Cain left the race due to issues in his personal life.

Prospective Republican candidates and office holders who plan to run for reelection should take note: their voters don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens, nor do they want their tax dollars redirected to them.

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