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The Death of Japan and Western Decadence

Posted by sverigeidag på december 16, 2011

A study was recently conducted that has come to demonstrate the extent and breath of the dark power of modern consumerism and hedonism. Japan, long having been a nation of dignity, honor and power filled by their own version of chivalry, bushido, has in the post-World War II world, become ensnared into the hallow less world of consumerism.

Though the Occident is currently under the spell of consumerism and we regularly see and feels its traumatic effects upon our national power and our religious and cultural consciousness, there is yet still a massive and growing resistance against the march of modernity and globalism, however though it may be too late, the Occident still retains a great hope for a future salvation. But unlike Europe and her American and Oceanic offspring, it has been revealed that the Japanese have found themselves to be even worse off for the future than Europe or the United States.

The study that was released, demonstrated that not only are Japanese not reproducing enough to sustain their nation’s population, but they, unlike the Europeans, are not even demonstrating interest in the opposite genders (let alone the same genders).

The study found the follow alarming figures amongst the younger generation of Japanese:

  • 25% of unmarried men and unmarried women in their 30s have never had sex
  • 90% of unmarried Japanese women said the single life is more preferable to the married life.
  • 61.4% of unmarried Japanese men aged between 18 and 34 have no girlfriend
  • 49.5% of unmarried Japanese women aged between 18 and 34 have no boyfriend

Considering Japanese history and development since World War II, it cannot be difficult to find the culprit to this lack of interest in commitment to the opposite gender. The nasty culprit is of course Western hedonism.

Since 1945, Japan has come to be the archetype for what destroys a nation. After the trauma suffered to them in World War II, Japan exchanged her traditional culture that made her strong and noble for a culture of consumerism—a culture that breeds no spirit of adventure or nobility and relies solely upon men to be creatures of comfort and consumption. To translate into Japanese, the discipline of Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity have been exchanged for a culture of self-pleasure.

Since Japan opened to the West, Japan has had the closest relationship to the West of all Asiatic nations. When the West embraced her Christian heritage, Japan was able to feed of that and be a strong and productive society through industrialization and Westernization. Now in the 21st century, inspired by Western narcissism, Japan’s population and culture finds itself on the brink of destruction in the shadow of an emerging China (who by the way shuns Western decadence)

Interestingly enough, around the same time that this study was released, the UK Mail Online released a story on why young English girls dress provocatively. Now of course the answer is quite obvious, because they want to have men notice them. Though this has become the social norm, is it not the great evidence of how ill our society has become when our Western women’s greatest hope is to receive personal gratification as sex objects and the pride of males is to sexually conquer as many of these females as they can find? We are not that far removed from the awful numbers of Japan.

If there was ever an example for the people of the West to learn from, it would be from the Japanese. Japan may not have an immigration problem as the West does, but Japan’s lack of family structure and traditional values again proves that the more humans embrace the consumption of capital and money, the less integrity the society has and in the process it loses focus on virtue and duty and embraces instead a culture of pleasant looking death.

Western consumerism is not necessarily even a product of the West. Rather the demon of hedonism is more or less a traveling disease that roams the earth searching for nations to destroy once they reach a certain level of power, and finds a host in the power centers from where it breeds to infect the rest of the nation, which is why there are stark contrasts in Western societies where ultra-conservative communities can live along side ultra-decadent communities.

When hedonism lays waste to one society, it appears in history that it moves into another host to consume. If the West, like Japan, wants to survive into the future, only a radical return to religion, honor and virtue (meaning the Western Christian teaching of chivalry) can rekindle the suffocated fire of Western pride, for it was the nobility of Western chivalry that distinguished the Occident from her Asiatic, Slavic and Mohammedan rivals.

Goods, money and consumption is not inherently evil. But when we exchange our values of religion, nobility, virtue and honor in exchange for cheaply made goods, electronics and pornography then we should be surprised when lose the natural contact with our neighbors and nature and from thence society breaks down. Societies are not sustained by individuals gratifying themselves as the primary value. However in the West, as is evident in Japan, this has become the norm. Our consumerism has overtaken us and we must work to put down that which is distracting us from the noble cause of our heritage.

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Ett svar to “The Death of Japan and Western Decadence”

  1. Peter said

    Om det föds 1.6 barn per par så halveras befolkningen på bara tre generationer. I Flera europeiska länder ligger födelsetalet på 1.3. Det ser MYCKET illa ut på sikt.


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