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Mördad för att han var vit

Posted by sverigeidag på december 5, 2011

– In the aftermath of a native British White woman being caged for snapping on a packed tram full of foreigners, we have the news that yet another White teenager has been murdered.

Danny O’Shea, whose friends have described him as ”harmless” and ”wouldn’t hurt a fly”, has been hunted down and had his throat slashed and left to die like some kind of condemed animal to Hal-Al slaughter by a ”group of Black males”.

Naturally of course, there will be White liberals up and down the country and beyond, pondering for a few minutes what Danny could have done to ”provoke” a bunch of ”enrichers / victims of white oppression” into ”defending themselves”.

Already in the wake of the ”my tram experience” video, such liberals have been trying to claim that the country is packed full of White working class chavs running around verbally assaulting innocent foreigners and non-whites with unhinged racism on a daily basis in every town and city.

We in the British National Party, do not blame foreigners and non-whites for the instability, crime and moral decline of British society.

The blame lies with just two sets of people; the direct penetrators of the crime and a string of treacherous governments and their collaborators whose policies have destroyed working class communities.

In contrast, our opponents, our oppressors, have laid the blame directly with working class British Whites and are quite happy to say that the country is awash with White British racists and that ”minorities” are the victims.

The government will ensure that all the White British people who die at the hands of racist foreigners will become nothing more than a statistic, just like the White British pensioners who die each winter through cold, however, we will do everything we can to ensure Danny does not become a statistic.

For justice to prevail for Danny, we all need watch how this case is handled by the authorities and our enemies in the media, especially online.

An army of media savvy White middle class liberals are rooting for the multiculturalism experiment, they’ll saying their prayers for a ”Whitey cussed me and disrespect me racially so I shanked him innit!!” style of explanation.

At the blink of an eye, an army of bloggers and left wing columnists will be telling us how evil those White British Chavs are and oh how so badly this ”hideously white” society has let them all down, then you’ll witness it, you know exactly when it is, it’s when the words ”collective responsibility” and ”blame” are banded around.

Relish it, while you can, because that’s the only time when White British people actually even exist in this society, when it comes to accepting blame, taking responsibility and giving up another bit of what we have to our own death sentence, to the genocide of our own people.

Our thoughts are for Danny, his family and friends at this time.

R.I.P. Danny O’Shea.



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