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Marine Le Pen träffade Ron Paul

Posted by sverigeidag på november 6, 2011

National Front leader Marine Le Pen, revealingly known as the ”blonde plague” to the leftist French media, visited Washington DC yesterday and met with Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.  She also held a press conference at the National Press Club and spoke mostly on economic issues before heading to New York City this morning.  The Daily Caller has a fair write up of the first stop on her tour here.

As with all things vaguely related to immigration, the left wing French press (much like ours) went completely insane, creating a circus atmosphere as she tried to conduct her business.  The drive by American media wrote their own lazy articles about ”controversial far right leaders.” Controversial to who?

Le Pen is not exactly far right by American standards.  She is pro choice, and favors a greater role for the state in economics.  It’s no accident that she plans to visit Occupy Wall Street.  However, as she correctly noted during her press conference, America and Europe have different traditions in regard to the state’s role in economics.

Nonetheless, it is revealing that a pro-choice, pro worker candidate for a major French political party is automatically relegated to the ”far right,” even by the American conservative press.  It shows that the economic reforms the Left claims to champion are very much a red herring — the French Left despises French workers just as the American Left is willing to trample the environment or demolish high wages as long as they can continue screwing over American workers.

The difference between the Right and the Left is over culture and identity. The rest is details.

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