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Hank Williams Jr fick sparken

Posted by sverigeidag på oktober 15, 2011

For over two decades, Hank Williams Jr.’s variation of his hit All My Rowdy Friends had opened up Monday Night Football.  But that all changed on October 3, when Williams appeared on Fox and Friendsto promote a new CD featuring songs written by his father.  He was asked what he thought about current affairs.  Williams said that Boehner playing Golf with Obama was like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu, and described Joe Biden and Barack Obama as “the enemy.”

The predictable outrage ensued.   ESPN took no time to cancel Williams’ song that night. And depending on whose story you believe they either fired him or he quit in protest within a few days.

Of course, the outrage from the Left over both of Williams’ statements is hypocritical. He was not arguing that Obama was Hitler, merely that he saw Boehner and Obama as polarized enemies whose playing golf together was anomalous.  This analogy may have been clumsy. But the Left has no problem smearing opposition to mass immigration, affirmative action and even high taxes as stemming from the Third Reich.

As for calling Obama “the enemy”, the Great Transcender has already called majority of Americans who oppose amnesty “enemies” whom Hispanics needed to “punish.”

With Hank Jr.’s politics in the spotlight, the usual suspects are trying to dig up as much dirt as possible, not merely to prove that he is a racist, but more generally that White Southerners and country music fans should somehow be seen as unAmerican and accordingly marginalized by society. Thus David Zirin, the sports columnist of The Nation (yes, they have sports columnist), points to Williams’ 1988 hit If the South Woulda Won, and quotes the lyrics…

Läs hela artikeln här.

En tidig version av hans nya hit ”Keep the Change” som laddats ned av miljoner amerikaner på några dagar.


Här kritiserar han Obama redan 2008:


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