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En begåvad kommentar om Tino Sanandajis föredrag

Posted by sverigeidag på juli 18, 2011

”The Kurdish-Swedish economist, Tino Sanandaji, who is currently a doctoral student at the University of Chicago and who appeared at the recent seminar about multiculturalism organized by Axess in Visby which I mentioned in my post’Almedalen’, restates in a blog post in English the arguments I supported in my post but also reveals what can now clearly be seen to be the weaknesses of his position.

Sanandaji is right that ”multiculturalism has failed”; that it has been replaced at least by some of those who no longer believe in it by ”anti-anti-multiculturalism”; that when we speak about the problems of multiculturalism we define culture as ”the informal rules of the game of society, informal institutions, etiquette, traditions, norms and values as opposed to superficial cultural expressions such as what food you eat and what music you listen to”; that ”if you have different rules for different people”, as the multiculturalist ethnic separation and ”institutionalized segregation” prescribes, ”society doesn’t function smoothly”; that multiculturalism is poorly thought out and that in all likelihood its proponents do not themselves realize its full implications; that multiculturalism hurts immigrants, who are often unable to integrate, who fail to ”learn all the many subtle rules which guide life in Sweden” and are unable to ”add a Swedish identity to the one they already have”; that those immigrants are often ”embittered, and react by adapting the ghetto-culture of the United States, as a way to mark distance to mainstream society”, that ”[t]he personal consequence for immigrants from being unable to integrate is mass unemployment, low income, crime ridden neighborhood, and social isolation”.

Läs fortsättningen och hela texten här.

2 svar to “En begåvad kommentar om Tino Sanandajis föredrag”

  1. svenskasvensson said

    Gillade Tinos tal.

  2. KLARTEXTEN! said

    Why is multiculturalism poorly thought out? Because of the oppressive media climate in Sweden: censorship and scaretactics. If debate were allowed on the issue, multiculturalism proboblay would have been buried before if even started!

    This experiment have been a very expensive one!


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